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Issue #3

After a rather long delay, T.O.F.U. magazine is back with a new issue.

With everything you have come to expect from the little guy, and perhaps a little more, issue #3 draws on contributions from all corners of the world to bring you even more insight on what it is to be vegan today.

Such topics as animal testing, how to educate yourself as a vegan, how to live simply, and many more are discussed within its pages. Of course, the usual sense of humour and new recipes are also scattered throughout to keep you smiling and eating while you're thinking.

60+ pages
Suggested price: $3

Pressing Information

Issue is no longer in print. 300 were made in the first pressing, and there are currently no plans for a second pressing.

Available as a digital download only.

Note: As the download is in zip format, this item is not recommended for use with an iPad, iPhone or other nifty device that has its own store. Someday we hope to make it into such places, but not today.

However, it is possible to read the issue on an iPad or iPhone. Such programs as iZip (available as a free app) can open zip files once downloaded, and from there you should be able to view the PDF file. We cannot guarantee this will work, and we do recommend viewing the magazine on something bigger than the palm of your hand.